Monologue of a Delusional Online Slacktivist

New Blog Post!

I must save the world one meme at a time! Why can’t people be as informed about the world as me? I’m only fourteen, but I already feel like I know more about the government and the world just by posting political pictures online. Screw corporations! I’m going to complain about issues by posting on Facebook, tweeting on my iPhone, listening to Rise Against (are they an underground band?), and drinking some Monster. Yeah, I know I got this. I don’t want people to control me. I know I’m right. If only other people could see that in me.

Even music is controlling people like that. Wait, was that some rapper throwing up a triangle while having those twigs look like horns in the background? Illuminati! All those rappers sold their souls. Good thing rock musicians never ever sell out to anyone. People are too busy listening to pop music while I only listen to the best bands out there. And all the charity pop stars do is fake. How come people like it when they donate millions of dollars while people like me don’t get appreciation for providing moral support to the causes we support? People are just stupid.

I’m going to post as many memes as possible to reveal every bad thing those greedy businessmen have done, and everyone will see it on the internet. No one can stop me from being the most awesome activist ever. My parents don’t know how incredible I am with my duties as a citizen. Just be quiet about it. I don’t want my mom to ground me and ban me from the computer…

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