Major Announcement! Hollandus Landing…A Cell Phone Novel.

I normally don’t post on Fridays with my writing blog, but I have something big to share with you.

Mark your calendars for May 17th because I’ll be debuting a cell phone novel called Hollandus Landing on my blog.

Before I go into some aspects of the story, you’re probably thinking: “What the heck is a cell phone novel?”

A cell phone novel is a serialized story form that started out in Japan. These novels have bite-sized chapters ranging from 70-200 words each, but they add up to a much larger story. They are typed on cell phones and posted online as a live serial for anyone to read if they’re subscribed to a site or blog. For more information, I urge you to check out this mini-documentary from Takatsu, the author of Secondhand Memories which is the first cell phone novel created and published in English.

Now that you know what a cell phone novel is, let me tell you a bit about Hollandus Landing.

Hollandus Landing takes place in an alternate present where there’s a utopian city in Southern Wisconsin. It’s one of the fastest growing areas with job opportunities, good schools, and is a renowned area with a diverse population. People are peaceful there, but there’s an underlying secret involving some shady experiments going on. There are forty different characters who also narrate their parts of the story. There are elements of slice-of-life, meta-fiction, drama, and some sci-fi thrown in, but I won’t say how this will all coalesce yet. There are some ties between various character interactions, some covert operations from certain individual characters, and even some metaphors connecting to a fantasy story that’s in this cell phone novel’s universe.

I also imposed some rules for myself that I’ll share some of them with you:
-40 characters total with 20 chapters each.
-Intro and Outro will be 5 chapters each.
-Each narrator must have a connection with at least one narrator.
-I randomized the order for all the characters talking about their sides of the story.
-I must post 5 chapters a day except on Sunday.
-This story must pass the Bechdel Test and the Deegan’s Test.
-Feedback is appreciated. This could affect how the story goes or how I should edit it once I complete the whole series.

Those are the rules that I’m open in talking about. I hope you all are ready for Hollandus Landing being posted live.

See you on May 17th!

-C. M. B. Bell

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