Omega Sapien

“L8, do you think we’re going to find another planet?” I asked.

“It’s too soon to tell.” L8 said to me. She was a faceless robot that had a mannequin’s body in a spacesuit. “We still have lightyears to go before we find anything.”

I just sighed after hearing that. “I somehow wondered that I wouldn’t get a clear answer right away.” I wanted to cry, but I was too dismayed to let those tears exit my eyes. The unbelief of it all was too much. “Do you have any of the cloning devices on here?”

L8 grabbed a small machine. “That I do. Why would I leave it back over there?”

I looked at the computer screen to see what was behind us. It was an Earth that resembled a bloody sore.

“Farewell.” I said to the screen showing my former home.

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