Hollandus Landing Chapter 7: Bolatito Moyoade Pt. II

“You’ve been doing a great job in my class so far, but I feel like I’m not challenging you enough.” Dr. Giroux stated.

“Why is that? You know I work hard and I like this subject even if it wasn’t part of my major.” I replied.

Dr. Giroux adjusted his glasses before he spoke again.

“You’re more knowledgeable about how social movements have been portrayed in several stories which I commend.” He then continued. “No wonder you and my nephew are alike in that way.”

“Elijah? Yeah, he’s a genius when it comes to that stuff.”

“Yes, although I wish he wasn’t so confrontational about it.” He lamented. “Enough of that. The next essay will challenge you and the class. It actually involves Sylvester Wheeler.”

No way. The Sylvester Wheeler? No offense to my prof, but I didn’t expect him to mention an author famous for fantasy stuff for a serious academic project.


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