Hollandus Landing Chapter 15: Bolatito Moyoade part X

One week later…

“Yeah, this would be a better word choice, Darina. It really plays up how serious the topic is.” I was at the tutoring center helping out some of the underclassmen.

“Good idea. Thanks, Tito.” Darina said.

I nodded and smiled when I finished helping her with her paper. It felt weird since I’d be gone with my diploma in two months. I hoped they all succeed even after I’m gone.

“You’re so good at fixing papers.” It was Lindita. She chuckled a bit when she saw me finishing up my duty as an editor. “Even after four years of college, I still find typos.”

“Well, I guess that’s a part of what I deal being an English Education major.” I sheepishly laughed. “I just wish I’d be good enough to be an effective teacher once I find a job.”

“Don’t doubt yourself, buddy.” She encouraged me. “I’m sure you’ll do great. Those kids need Mr. Moyoade in their lives.”

“Yeah, if they can pronounce my last name right.” I chuckled a bit.

Lindita and I were student workers at this center when we didn’t have class. She did find my weakness though.


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