Hollandus Landing Chapter 17: Bolatito Moyoade part XII

“You shouldn’t be doubting yourself, Tito.” Lindita said. “I know there’s been people who’ve put you down before, but there are others who appreciate your talents.”

“Thanks. I know I’ve wanted to incorporate some real life issues in my art despite others not feeling it or getting what I do.” I replied. “Sure, I may not have a top forty hit, but I’m not going to dumb down my message. I may have to soften it up during the times I student teach, but only with the right time and place though.”

“Hey, Lindita. Could you help me with something?” It was another underclassman who worked on some calculus equations.

“I’ll be right there.” She called out to him. “Well, back to work, I guess.”

Lindita went away to help out that other student. I looked around to see if anyone else needed some assistance.

I did take a glance at Darina’s paper and thought about mine. Hmm…I hope mine doesn’t have any typos or bad logic in it. Maybe I was being challenged by researching Sylvester Wheeler.


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