Hollandus Landing Chapter 19: Bolatito Moyoade part XIV

This was when I was in seventh grade. I grew weary of giving up my interests.

Then it happened…

“Ay yo! You want something real?”

I got their attention including the kid who bashed me for reading fantasy stories.

“I don’t need a notepad to contain some rhymes, so you best refain, cause I’m callin’ out on your crimes.”

The room fell silent.

“Think you can judge me? This ain’t no fantasy. Y’all are too needy by actin’ greedy before you crash after bashing the fire that’s fueling this ire.”

I didn’t rhyme with desire since even my thirteen year old self knew it was a cliche. I kept on going with the words at the top of my head.

“I’m the most lyrical kid you ever saw. Consider these bars a coup de grace!”

He had his jaw open and people slowly clapped.

I couldn’t believe people looked up to me when it happened.


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