Hollandus Landing Chapter 22: Bolatito Moyoade part XVII

Yasmina caught her breath. She then realized that some sheet music rained over this space.

“Oh no, my scores!” She panicked. We both picked up the sheet music and but it back in order. One could say that this little mishap gave us treble.

I saw that the piece in front of the pile was titled “Citrine Amulet Movement 1 by Yasmina Chung”.

Looks like I wasn’t the only one trying to reference Sylvester Wheeler for something.

I handed her the music I picked up.

“Thank you, Tito.” She said. “I got to go. I have to play this first draft of my cello composition.” Yasmina barely made eye contact with me before she went ahead with her huge cello.

A composition? That’s intense. I know doing beat production and guitar playing is tough, but I never thought I could pull off a neoclassical song. She’s way too talented.

Here I go again, bashing my own abilities.


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