Hollandus Landing Chapter 23: Bolatito Moyoade part XVIII

To: Bolatito Moyoade

From: Dr. Wapasha Giroux


It was great reading your paper on Sylvester Wheeler’s essays about redlining and classism. 

You had a unique insight on the aspect of housing discrimination and how it hurt the economy at the time. I do wish you would have made some stronger arguments and researching more about some of the neighborhoods, but the content was above par. I didn’t have to worry about spelling or grammatical errors. You also did a great job at using the concept of intersectionality by how it wasn’t just a racial issue with the prospective tenants. 

Keep up the good work and have a great graduation. 

Grade: B+

Dr. Wapasha Giroux

Head of the history department at Leyden Avalon University


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