Hollandus Landing Chapter 26: Tyson Manheim part I

March 17, 2017

There I was in my own world: Tysonia.

A whole parade marched and played this kingdom’s national anthem with guitars, drums, and a whole orchestra playing each vibrant note.

I flew over the masses with my rocket boots and cobalt blue glasses. I felt the wind flowing through my spiky jet-black hair.

This kingdom was safe under my presence and I’m glad that everyone could feel secure in Tysonia. I waved at the public from the skies and they all cheered while I zoomed by.

Tysonia was my domain. It was a haven for me where I was a hero. I wish I would’ve been born here. Life would be so much better and…

“Tyson? Tyson? Tyson Manheim?”

My domain vanished faster than a hummingbird’s heart pumped up with caffeine.


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