Hollandus Landing Chapter 28: Tyson Manheim part III

“Good. Now let’s get back to the lesson.” Mrs. Reynosa told us. She went back to the Smart Board and put on a slide detailing some more clouds.

I really didn’t think she was boring. If anything, she was the teacher I found to be the most interesting compared to the other ones who only did it for the paychecks since I’ve been told that this district is a top-tier one even though I didn’t know all the reasons why.

I forced myself to pay attention after going back to Tysonia, my safe haven.

She showed another slide that detailed some rain and weather patterns. I wrote some of those notes in my spiral notebook that was adorned with superheroes and scribbles on the cover.

While I got the information I needed, I decided to add some extra content to my notebook…


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