Hollandus Landing Chapter 30: Tyson Manheim part V

The bell rung suddenly.

“Alright, everyone. See you on Monday.” Mrs. Reynosa dismissed everyone.

I heard some people talk about me behind my back.

“That Tyson kid needs some serious help.”

“Yeah, what’s up with him and his stupid superhero crap? There’s too many of those movies to count.”

“Seriously, Tyson needs to man up.”

I kept on smiling, but on the inside I fumed. I had to focus on other things in the room like the science posters, closets, the two flags (American and some flag that’s yellow, blue and red that had a bird over an emblem) on the teacher’s desk and Mrs. Reynosa’s pet iguana Sarita in her cage.

“Hey, Tyson.” The teacher got my attention. “I know you weren’t bored of my lecture. Just make sure you pay attention more next time.”

“Yes, I will.” I meekly commented.

“Sure. Have a great weekend.”

I’ll do my best. At least I had something to do over the weekend.


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