Hollandus Landing Chapter 33: Tyson Manheim part VIII

He sent me a text as I worked on my possible story.

Seiya Mizuno: What’s up, Ty-Man?

Tyson Manheim: Working on a story project. U?

Seiya Mizuno: Working hard, too. I’ve been writing some tunes, but I’m still looking for bandmates. Are you gonna finish that story?

Tyson Manheim: Nice! I just started tho. I wanna be sure it’s good 4 once.

Seiya Mizuno: I hope it works out. I’ve been wanting to read your stuff.

Tyson Manheim: Yea. Too bad my stuff sux. U know…with all those bullies and all.

Seiya Mizuno: Seriously? You need to stop thinking like that.


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