Hollandus Landing Chapter 34: Tyson Manheim part IX

Tysonia, it’s good to be back.

I was sitting at a transparent round table with what looked like the cityscape as our floor.

I was adorned with a three piece suit and a slew of badges on my chest.

“Welcome to Tysonia’s story counsel. As I’ve summoned you from all across the multiverse, I came to you to get some advice.” I paused before I asked them. “How can this story I’m working on get better?”

I looked around and Captain Helios raised his hand.

“Proceed, Captain Helios.”

“How about using my weather brigade and I as protagonists?”

“Hmm…I like that. You three will be on the team.” I approved of that hero’s question. “Anyone else?” A serpent raised his hand who was at the table.

“How about using a good hearted character that looks ugly?” The serpent asked. “You can make him or her contrast with a villain or villains that are quite attractive.”

“Your request shall be granted.” That was interesting. It’s like the opposite of what fairy tales teach.

I was onto something good here.


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