Hollandus Landing Chapter 36: Tyson Manheim part XI

After a weekend filled with story making and homework, I went back to school on Monday.

It started out dull as I got my things out of my locker and walked to class, but I then faced an obstacle involving what I called The Letterman’s Legion.

Half a dozen of Hollandus United’s starting lineup of the football team blocked my path as they said a bunch of swear words to me.

I tried getting through, but I was pushed around. Each push made my blood boil and once I was pressed against a locker. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

I grabbed my backpack filled with my notebooks and supplies.

Then, I swung it right at one of the jock’s faces.

Even the other Letterman’s Legionnaires gasped when they saw me fight back for once in my life.

I then screamed “I’m not your toy! KNEEL BEFORE KING TYSON!” before slamming my backpack against his face again.

Some adults just had to rush in when they heard me shouting.


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