Hollandus Landing Chapter 38: Tyson Manheim part XIII

“So why did you hit him with the backpack?”

I felt like a criminal in those stupid legal dramas. I didn’t look them in the eye. All I could do his stay silent at first.

“Don’t make me repeat myself. Why did you…”

“It’s because they were pushing me around!”

That felt great. I wasn’t used to telling on others.

“Those six guys were making fun of me and threw me at the lockers.” I confessed. I then showed my bruised arms fresh from that event. “Now do you believe me?”

The Dean was silent as I told my story.

“You can even check the hall cameras to see if I’m lying or not!” My voice got loud.

Those people were cowards. Even though only one of those guys could beat me up by themselves, I know they used the numbers game and their popularity to try and walk away scot free.

At least they gave me more material for Stratos City Soldiers. Maybe the big secret experiment should be in a football stadium.


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