Hollandus Landing Chapter 39: Tyson Manheim part XIV

I sat in this lonesome chair while the Dean left. It seemed like an eternity. This world was too tiresome, so I had no choice but to visit Tysonia.

I was in a castle while talking to Lady Torrent on a hologram screen.

“My liege, I’ve received news about your predicament.”

“Yes, I know.” I muttered to her.

“You have my sincerest condolences. Have you figured out any more compatriots for that story?”

I lightly nodded my head.

“He’s none other than Jabez the Enforcer. He wears a mask because his face is scarred up.” I explained. “But his heart is in the right place.”

“Affirmative, my liege.” Lady Torrent saluted. “Tyson…Tyson…”

I then heard a snap.


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