Hollandus Landing Chapter 41: Tyson Manheim part XVI

I finished everything that I had to do in my classes today.

Once I got those out of the way, I just worked on my storylines and characters for Stratos City Soldiers. I was immersed in this world like a baptism of pure creative bliss.

I worked on Jabez the Enforcer who was apart of the team.

“Jabez. How did you become like this?” I asked him as my mind transported me back to Tysonia.

“It’s because of a hit and run from the upper echelon.” He had this raspy voice. “Six hitmen were after me once I exposed their experimentation project to an independent news source. Those reporters were the only ones doing their jobs amongst this city of subterfuge.”

“That’s awful! I’m glad you’re part of the SCS though.” I consoled him.

“Don’t mention it. Now if you excuse me, I have to get back with my team.” Jabez then left.

Before I knew it, I had the whole first draft done on a spare notebook minutes before the bell rang.


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