Hollandus Landing Chapter 45: Tyson Manheim part XX

As we left Hollandus United, I mentally transported to Tysonia.

“You’ve learned a lot about finishing your work.” It was Jabez speaking with me. “I wish you the best in your literary endeavors.”

“Thanks, Jabez. I’ll do my best to tweak everything to make sure it looks great.”

“Yes, my lord. Perhaps you can be the next Sylvester Wheeler?” Jabez complimented me.

I just laughed a bit. “It would be cool if I sold as many copies as him, but I don’t want to be like Sylvester. I can finally say that I’d rather be me.”

“Understandable, King Tyson. Your story about fighting against deception and adorned villains shall be epic.” Jabez assured me.

“I’ll do my best to make sure it will be.” I looked to the glassy azure skies above the round table. “I’ll make sure the multiverse will take notice with Stratos City.”


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