Hollandus Landing Chapter 51: Sylvester Wheeler part VI

After working at The Drabble-Rouser, I went back to my manuscript and read some of it again. Perhaps the incubation process was kind to my next story.

“Edmunston, please enlighten me as to why you’re on a mission to slay me.” said the Dragon Witch as she glared at the knight.

“I was sent by his highness King Valor XII, but I’m doing this to save my kingdom from your reign of terror.” Edmunston drew his diamond-handled sword at the tall and scaly woman.

She was unfazed as he unsheathed his weapon while the rest of the creatures around her quivered at the sight of the sword.

“Looks like I can’t convince you to disarm.” The Dragon Witch sighed before pointing her staff at Edmunston. Her amulet started to glow while she stood her ground. “I won’t back down, but I do believe that throwing you in my dungeon would be more merciful than what your king has done.”

Something wasn’t right in the delivery. Looks like I’ll have to edit it.

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