Hollandus Landing Chapter 56: Sylvester Wheeler part XI

The Drabble Rouser was packed and I signed some copies for people that were interested.

That businessman returned to the store and he had his son with him. The boy had to have been twelve years old and he procured a copy of Edmunston and the Dragon Witch.

“Mr. Wheeler, could you sign my copy, please?” He asked me.

“Of course. What’s your name?”

“My name is Regis.” The boy introduced himself. “I’m here with my father because I wanted my copy autographed and he said that you were very courteous to him.”

“Thank you.” I grabbed Regis’s book and gave my exquisite John Hancock. 

“Thanks, Mr. Wheeler. I hope you make more great books. You know, I’ve been able to relate to Edmunston in a way.” Regis told me.

That was a random character to relate to despite being the lead protagonists.


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