Hollandus Landing Chapter 67: Pilar Reynosa part II

“We’re obviously going to start with some of these planets, but we’re going to go beyond this sweet and caramel-filled galaxy to talk about places in space that don’t get talked about as much.”

I heard Tyson and Seiya laugh when I said that comment.

“I see what you did there, Mrs. Reynosa.” Seiya said while still laughing a bit.

“Looks like a couple of you got my little stealth pun.” I congratulated them for dealing with my sense of humor. “This space unit goes farther as we talk about other known planets and other places in this magnificent macrocosm.”

I started the lesson proper where I talked about how long a planet’s years were.

“So we have Mercury right over here. Did you all know that a year on that planet equals eighty-eight days here on Earth? That’s almost as much as a semester is in most schools.”

I saw the kids nodding and not looking bored or staring at my pet iguana. I knew I was doing something right.


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