Hollandus Landing Chapter 68: Pilar Reynosa part III

I certainly dressed the part when I kicked off this new space unit in my science class. I wore my Saturn earrings and a black dress that had several constellations on it. Some students of mine in the past asked me if I could fuse with someone else when they saw my earrings. I had no clue what they were talking about until I realized they referred to something from that one famous anime series.

It wasn’t a distraction from what I was teaching. If anything, it made the lessons even more relevant. Besides, it’s good to dress in the right kind of elements. I do change my look periodically while making sure I stay nobler than a queen…or helium.

I went on with my lesson until the bell rang and my students were dismissed. After the final period, I received a call.

“Yes, this is Mrs. Reynosa speaking.” I answered.

“Yes…yes…of course.”

Then I heard a little twist to this piece of dialogue.

I sighed before I answered. “Sure. I’ll meet you in your office after I finish grading these worksheets.”


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