Hollandus Landing Chapter 69: Pilar Reynosa part IV

I went straight to the principal’s office and she awaited me at her desk.

“Pilar, what’s going on with your class?” She interrogated me. The lights were off as the sunlight piercing through the blinds were the only form of luminescence.

I raised my eyebrow when I answered. “Nothing out of the ordinary. My students are passing the class and quite a few of them are passing with more flying colors than a herd of unicorns racing on a rainbow. Why?”

“We’ve had concerns about your teaching methods. How can I say this…” She rubbed her chin before completing that thought. “Your curriculum is quite…unorthodox.”

“I’ve been doing this for years. How is it that I’m now being criticized for my style of teaching these teenagers? They enjoy learning in a way that isn’t boring or irrelevant.” I pleaded.

“That’s the point.”

My heart sank after hearing those three words.


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