Hollandus Landing Chapter 70: Pilar Reynosa part V

“You focus so much on this angular style as opposed to the substance of your lessons.” She told me. “Hollandus United has been a beacon of education in the state, much less the entire country. We can’t have all this fol-de-rol while you’re trying to ‘teach'”. She threw up some air quotes to drive that point home against me.

“Are you serious?” I had to fight back against this fallacious claim. “The kids have been learning very well with my methods and it sticks with them. I’m not going to have them be robots regurgitating test answers to me or ask me how science is going to be applicable to their day-to-day lives. I make it fun for them to learn about something very practical.”

“Watch it, Pilar.” She warned me. “Or else I’ll have to put you under academic probation should the grades drop in your class.”

The nerve of her to question my techniques. I felt like the Dragon Witch to the principal’s Edmunston…or should I say King Valor XII.


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