Hollandus Landing Chapter 72: Pilar Reynosa part VII

It was the next Monday and I taught various parts of my space unit. I started out with something easy to help their brains wake up

“Okay, so what’s the first outer planet in the Milky Way?”

A couple of hands were raised and I pointed to one of them.


“Sorry, but that’s not it.” I then saw Clover raising her hand and pointed to her.

“That’s Jupiter, right?” She asked.

“With confidence, please.” I lightly corrected her.

“It’s Jupiter, Mrs. Reynosa.” Clover repeated herself while turning that question into an answer.

“Correct. If you know you’re right, then there’s no need to make your answer sound wimpy with a question mark.” I told the class that.

“Now that we’ve gotten some of the basic stuff out of the way, we’ll talk a little bit about things outside this solar system.”

A little surprise couldn’t hurt anyone.


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