Hollandus Landing Chapter 73: Pilar Reynosa part VIII

I put one word on the screen to grab the attention of my teenaged temporary astronomers.


I saw some raised eyebrows in the crowd.

“This isn’t the name of the next Hollywood Sci-Fi blockbuster. I’m talking about something that’s real.” I kickstarted the lesson.

“You see, an exoplanet is a planet that’s outside our galaxy. What if I told you that over 3,610 exoplanets have been discovered so far?”

I heard Tyson gasp in awe.

“That’s right. Could you imagine how many of them would be just like Earth? I’m not saying if there’s aliens out there, but there might be some that could support life if something bad happens to us earthlings.”

I got their attention. These other planets were like kingdoms in this interstellar tapestry. There was a part of me that wanted to escape if some of them could support humanity. 

Or worse, people could be exiled away from this great blue marble. I wouldn’t put it past the King Valors of the world if they had the technology.


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