Hollandus Landing Chapter 75: Pilar Reynosa part X

Clover raised her hand.

“Yes, Clover?”

“What kind of information would you like us to research on these planets?”

“You can tell me when the planet was discovered by us eccentric earthlings, the environment, the coloration, or what galaxy it’s in to name a few.” I explained. “Be creative, but make sure you have some details involved.”

Seiya raised his hand. I pointed to him.

“What kind of comparisons should we make?”

“It could be the size of another planet, how many moons it has, temperature or other things.”

Tyson then raised his hand.

“Can we present our reports like a travel guide?”

Some people laughed in the class.

I smiled after hearing that. “That’s not a bad idea. You can present it like a travel guide, a documentarian, or anything as long as it’s appropriate and it contains relevant information.”

Maybe this will help them get fired up about science even more.


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