Hollandus Landing Chapter 76: Pilar Reynosa part XI

It was amazing that the kids were able to think about idea for their exoplanet project. After they were dismissed, I got out some lettuce and fed Sarita.

“Aren’t you glad they’re actually learning?” I said to my iguana. She was busy munching on her veggies to really care.

I wondered what kind of results they would all come up with. I went to my desk to finish up some boring paperwork and I saw the two flags on my desk. There was the stars and stripes representing where I’ve always lived since I was born in Miami, but later moved to the Midwest after college. Then there was the one with the condor in the red, yellow, and blue background. I had come from a long line of teachers on both sides of my family. I wondered of they had to deal with any of that bureaucracy when they lived in Quito before emigrating from one continent away.

My students need to prove the brass wrong.


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