Hollandus Landing Chapter 77: Pilar Reynosa part XII

I knew I wasn’t programmed to be some run-of-the-mill teacher who wants regurgitated results on tests. Students don’t want that and I know other faculty members don’t want that.

All this sudden pressure from the principal had been internalized even when I smiled and cracked science puns to my students if they were relevant to the subjects at hand.

Were other teachers at Hollandus United High School, much less the Hollandus district under the same microscope as me when it came to their performances if they just happened to not fit the arbitrary conventions on what’s called “normality” as far as education was concerned?

I could only imagine other teachers being lambasted for their eccentricities despite helping everyone learn.

I pondered if there was some regime change in the school boards or some new orders from the local government.

This was too much to think about. I’d hate it if all us unorthodox instructors were the creatures made to be destroyed by the powers that be.

Sylvester Wheeler, you might have had a point there, but in a way you didn’t intend.


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