Hollandus Landing Chapter 81: Pilar Reynosa XVI

The big day came for all those presentations to start.

People brought in their outlines and pictures of their chosen exoplanets.

“Alright, everyone. I’ve got everyone’s names written and placed in this Neptune bowl.” Yes, it was a dark blue bowl that looked exactly like that planet. I reached my hand in and grabbed the first name. “Clover Sangsorn.”

Clover got up and stood in front of the class. She had a display board with a picture of her planet including some calligraphy based art that tied into her project.

“Greetings, people of earth. My name is Clover Sangsorn and I represent the planet 83 Leonis Bb. Your home planet discovered us back in 2005. We’re within close proximity to Leo. We have really short years compared to earth since we revolve around our sun every seventeen days. Because of this, I’m 6,205 years old right now.”

The whole room laughed while hearing that observation. She continued on and was then applauded.

“Next up is Tyson Manheim.”


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