Hollandus Landing Chapter 82: Pilar Reynosa part XVI

“Greetings, Earthlings. I am Captain Tyson Manheim representing the great planet of Kapteyn b.” Tyson introduced his project with lots of gusto. “My home planet is a super-earth for super tourists like yourselves. Sure, it’s bigger than your home planet, but it’s a very habitable location with some water. It has a rocky terrain, so it’s perfect for backpackers and hikers alike.”

He then showed a picture of Jupiter. “We’re smaller than this planet in your wonderful solar system, but it’s safer and less gassy. Not to mention our sun known as Kapteyn’s Star has been projected to live at least ten times longer than this sun in the Milky Way.”

Tyson continued with his spiel and finished with: “Thank you for your time. This presentation has been brought to you by the Kapteyn b Travel & Hospitality Bureau of Awesomeness.” Before bowing to the crowd as they applauded.

More students presented their exoplanet projects and they each had their own unique flair to them.

I felt that I learned quite a few things about these planets and even the students themselves in how they portrayed their projects.


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