Hollandus Landing Chapter 84: Pilar Reynosa part XIX

I graded all the projects and the lowest score I got was a B.

I grabbed all the projects and went straight to the principal.

“What’s all this?”

“A project from my astronomy unit in class. I told them to find exoplanets, give me statistics, find out how habitable they are, and make a presentation based on their research.”

She looked through all the projects and saw the raw data mixed in with the creative flair in how they presented these planets.

“Tell me if that’s fol-de-rol. These kids have shown their work and became creative in a situation where possible habitation could happen. You do want the students to be independent thinkers, right?”

“I can’t argue with that, Pilar.” She conceded. “I’m not going to abolish the new directives, but you still found a way to make learning fun while still being practical.”

Four words: I told you so.


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