Hollandus Landing Chapter 86: Kingsley Sexton part I

March 25th, 2017

Pure darkness filled this tunnel. Looks like I get a bit of action here in this subterranean abyss.

But it’s alright, I knew I was protecting this Midwestern heaven despite being from good old Blighty.

“This is Ante-Meridian. Over.” I called on my earpiece.

“Cyclotis here. Over.”

“So far there hasn’t been any excitement going on over here. Over.”

“Just be patient, Ante-Meridian. You’ll have some excitement going on soon. Over”

“If you say so, Cyclotis. I don’t want to be paid to be bored, and–”

Then I heard some whirring and some creaking going on.

I cracked a grin and put my hand on my holster.

“Don’t let me down, Cyclotis. Over.”


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