Hollandus Landing Chapter 88: Kingsley Sexton part III

It was as good of a time as any to use those little enhancements to my body. Even without some armor, I was just like that one song involving a certain French DJ and an Australian singer.

They tried shooting me down, but I still stood tall.

I am…oh, bugger. You know the rest.

That material was in my bones. I punched one of those blasted robots in the bloody face and made a crater in it’s mug.

Despite them having the numbers game, I fought like those action movie stars except they didn’t have some experiments in their bodies.

One by one, they started malfunctioning once they met my fists and boots.

“Ante-Meridian. You’ve already proved your worth. Over.”

I’d hate to sound like a snotty little child, but I wanted to fight them more.


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