Hollandus Landing Chapter 90: Kingsley Sexton part V

“True, but we don’t want to waste research materials from our company and from Ms. Saqqaf’s firm.” Damon coldly replied to me.

“I see. It’s still for defending Exomoon, right?” I asked him.

“Yes. We can’t just leave it by itself right here in Hollandus Landing. I guarantee you that Loxodonta and the others would be displeased if there wasn’t any protection for that project.” Damon then grabbed his miniature tablet to do some equations. “You and some others need to guard it with your lives.”

“You think I don’t know that, Dr. SP? We’ve got this under control even though I don’t know all the things about Exomoon.”

“You can call me Damon or Dr. Sun-Park, but not SP.” Damon glared at me.

“Sorry, mate. I was only joking around.”

Then, my earpiece gets a signal from the grand pooh bah of this bloody mission.

“Ante-Meridian, come see me at 1600 hours.” It was good old Loxodonta.

I wonder what he wants me for.


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