Hollandus Landing Chapter 91: Kingsley Sexton part VI

It was 3:55 PM Central Time. I was used to being hours ahead given where I was from, but I managed it.

A limo was sent to get me to go over to meet with one of the blokes in charge of Exomoon and all these other projects I knew about (and some I didn’t).

After leaving this lab, I was driven to the parts of Hollandus Landing that not many people see. There were neighborhoods of mansions and gated communities. I’m sure the cars in their garages were worth as much as some working class person’s entire yearly salary.

It’s all great being in this inner circle. You’d think whoever planned out this city in the Badger state had this in mind separating the upper class from those who are on the dole.

Once 4 o’ clock rolled around the chauffeur took me to this high-muckety-muck house.

I thought I was going to go somewhere else in the city, so this had to have been important.


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