Hollandus Landing Chapter 92: Kingsley Sexton part VII

I was greeted by an army of servants before going up an ivory and gold plated staircase.

There was so much art on the walls. I’m sure he could open up a museum with all of that if he wanted to. Some of these paintings looked quite fancy. I never cared for those Monets, Van Goghs, Rembrandts, or what have you, but a couple paintings caught my eye as we got closer to his room.

There was a picture of a knight posing with his sword pointing towards this shadowy area. Another one had that same knight fighting against some scaly looking woman who had long black locks. The last one revealed that same knight being crowned while people are celebrating his victories or whatever.

The door opened and he turned around to see me.

“Nice seeing you, Kingsley.”

“Same to you, Cyclotis.”

“Kingsley, there’s no need for the code names here.” He told me. “Just call me Mr. Oulette.”


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