Hollandus Landing Chapter 94: Kingsley Sexton part IX

“Exomoon has been in development for years with Damon Sun-Park and our team of engineers, physicists, and some astronomers.” Mr. Oulette introduced this thing. “Here in Hollandus Landing, in my city, we’ll be the first ones to harness some scientific progress the world has never seen. One can say it’s going to be a quantum leap.”

“I get that you have a great team to make sure that Exomoon is going to be awesome and Bob’s your uncle, but what on earth does it do?” I asked.

“It’s going to allow a new energy source to be used here. The source itself is classified, but it will be a great replacement for things such as fossil fuels or nuclear power if it’s stable enough.”

“You never struck me as a green activist. What’s next? Are you going to spearhead some picket lines?” I raised my eyebrow after telling me this.

“The only green movement I care about is money, but I’m not THAT selfish.” Mr. Oulette laughed a bit. “It could be a way to boost the city’s economy while making something out of this world.”


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