Hollandus Landing Chapter 95: Kingsley Sexton part X

“Well, you and I want that cutter, so I guess we’re alike in that way.” I laughed a bit once he told me part of his plan.

“I don’t fault anyone for wanting money, but Exomoon will give the local economy even more of it. There will be a new energy source, new job opportunities, and more money for people to spend. It’s quite a win-win situation and my poll numbers will increase even though I’ve been the incumbent for twelve years now.” Mr. Oulette casually bragged about his idea.

“Can’t argue with that, boss. If you don’t mind me switching the subject here, I noticed that you had those paintings with the knight on them. What’s the deal with that?” I asked him.

“Good question. Those would be renditions of Edmunston.”

I was taken aback a little bit. “Hey, with all due respect, I never expected you to like that story from that one dead local author.”

Mr. Oulette then glared at me. I swallowed a lump in my throat.

“That’s for another time.” He then passed me a note containing the not-as-confidential things about Exomoon


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