Hollandus Landing Chapter 97: Kingsley Sexton part XII

“…part of what makes Exomoon such a great source is that our team from all factors of science have come up with a way to transfer dimensional energy to the city. We can harness the power and use it for basic needs such as electricity, heating, or as a fuel source.”

I expected this to come from that one alien guy with the pointy ears.

“The other elements of the universe offer some potent energy sources that are safe. The specifics are classified, but it involved weeding a lot of energies down to the ones that aren’t fatal to humans. Exomoon will grow Hollandus Landing’s economy and we’ll be a leader in the fuel sector worldwide.”

I thought it was crazy enough with all the powers that have been experimented on me. Maybe my hometown of Dartford could use this Exomoon stuff.

Of course it would be better if I could lead that charge.

Sorry, Regis.


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