Hollandus Landing Chapter 99: Kingsley Sexton part XIV

I was driven back to the underground lab where I went straight for Damon’s office.

“Well, you weren’t gone long. What do you need from me?” He asked in his typical dry voice.

“So I was with Cyclotis not that long ago, and he’s been telling me some of the not-so-hush-hush parts of Exomoon. Now that I know a few things about it, would it be fine if I saw it in action?”

“Not right now.” Damon, please. I know about it. “We’re still in the prototype phase of this project. I fear that there maybe some unstable aspects which could hurt you or worse.”

“Damon, I’m not talking about playing with a bloody nuclear reactor. I doubt there’s such a thing as a dimensional energy meltdown and this part of Wisconsin won’t become another Chernobyl or Fukushima.”

He then gave me a death glare. “Mayor Oulette told you about the dimensional elements of Exomoon?”  His voice peaked with shock and rage as if he experienced emotions for the first time.

How peculiar.


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