Hollandus Landing Chapter 100: Kingsley Sexton part XV

“You’re right. He told me about some of these dimensional convergence things about Exomoon.” I told him.

“Do you even realize what this could mean?” Damon’s voice began to erupt. “We’ve been testing this for years to even be close to a decent prototype.”

“Hey, at least I’m man enough to try it. I’ll be your bloody Guinea pig if I have to. So where’s Exomoon?”

“I’m not going to tell you where it is. That information exceeds your authority. You may be well-liked by Mr. Oulette, but that doesn’t mean you get clearance to see this research.”

“Oh, I can’t, can I?” I smirked as I argued with him. “So how are you going to stop me from seeing Exomoon?” I saw him freeze up before I punched him in the gut and he fell down and immediately gasped for air as I escaped.

Maybe my titanium fists hit too hard for him. Oh, bugger. I had better plans.


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