Hollandus Landing Chapter 103: Kingsley Sexton part XVIII

Exomoon, I felt stronger thanks to you.

I put my hand away after it started to hurt. I thought my limbs would explode if I got exposed too much to that power source.

“Ante-Meridian, what are you doing?”

That was the cry of some security guards who noticed my little sneak peek of this Exomoon business.

“I just wanted to see what was going on here.”

They started pointing their guns at me.

“Surrender now, or we’ll shoot!”

“I’m done with my little preview, so I’ll be on my way here.”

The guns rained lead on me.

Not that I fancied being shot, but something felt different this time. These were high caliber shots which were stronger than what I was used to, but those bullets felt like nothing. Feathers hurt more than their barrage of bullets.

Did Exomoon make my enhanced skin even stronger?


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