Hollandus Landing Chapter 104: Kingsley Sexton part XIX

“Hey, I wasn’t going to scuff you blokes or anything, but you’re really tempting me right now.” I warned those gunmen.

I saw them shake when they realized they couldn’t kill me with automatic weapons. I ran up to them and started use some good old fisticuffs. One punch sent one of them flying and it shattered their armor. Sweet Isle of Man, my fists did way more damage then ever before.

Look, Regis. I didn’t want to go through this. All I wanted was to check out this secret project, but your gun-toting hooligans made me fight back.

Despite being surrounded, I fought them off one by one and I then made my escape.

“Kinglsey Sexton!” I heard that voice down the hall. “I didn’t want to do this…”


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