Hollandus Landing Chapter 105: Kingsley Sexton part XX

There was Damon limping a bit while holding some experimental gun at me.

“Damon, we don’t have to go through this, mate. I wouldn’t shoot me with that toy cannon, you know.” I warned him. “Look, all I waned was to see what Exomoon was all about.”

“You’re lucky it didn’t malfunction, but I was prepared for this situation.” He pointed the gun at me. “Kingsley, I hate to say this, but it’s the end of the line for you.”

“Seriously? Just because you used to work on trains doesn’t mean you need to make–”

My little quip was interrupted by an invisible blast that hit my chest and rocked me to the core. The world faded to black as I fell down. I remember waking up in a hospital bed and some guy with black hair and glasses stared me down.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“The name is Damon Sun-Park. You don’t remember me, but I’m giving you a new mission when you’re better.”

How did I get here again? What new mission? I felt like I might have met him before, but I wasn’t too sure.


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