Hollandus Landing Chapter 107: Ayesha Durand part II

“What’s up, Rozenn?” I replied.

Rozenn was one of the few people worth talking to in this university. She’s a freshman who always dresses in black and works on her little zine when she’s not doing homework or anything scholarly.

“Doing well for someone who just got a B- on a paper. I could care less since I’m going to go to a show with some black metal and death metal bands this weekend.” She dryly explained to me even though I knew there was a scintilla of concealed exitement in her voice.

Rozenn didn’t get as good of grades as me, but at least I knew she wasn’t stupid.

“What are you working on?” Rozen asked.

“Just a little theory when I’m not dealing with zoology. It calms my mind since I can forget that I’ll be dissecting formaldehyde-drenched piglets on Friday.” I just sighed after saying that. “I’m good at dissecting, but I despite cutting them open.”

“Well that’s nothing compared to some metal lyrics I listen to.”

“I can’t argue with that. I have to finish this up though. Maybe you’ll get good stuff for your zine.”


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