Hollandus Landing Chapter 108: Ayesha Durand part III

What Rozenn and others weren’t fully aware of was that I was on the verge of crafting a theory.

I called it the King Valor Effect.

It was still under construction given a severe lack of testing and control groups, but I wanted to have a coalescence of science, psychology, and sociology merging into a major finding.

Given that Sylvester Wheeler was the biggest author to come from this city, I thought it would be fun to make up something rooted in his best-selling book of his career.

I thought King Valor was one of the most ruthless villains ever and wondered what he’d be like if he was a real person. I wanted to prove that there was a link between resources, divided socioeconomic classes, environmental conditioning, imperialism, and something that could lead to a catastrophic finality to the unfortunate: genocide.

Yeah, it’s a fantasy story, but I thought people were too stupid to realize some real life parallels to other events.


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