Hollandus Landing Chapter 110: Ayesha Durand part V

I rolled my eyes when I saw her approach me.

“What is it, Maryse?”

She was all decked out with designer clothes that cost as much as my textbooks for the whole year and smiling without a care in the world.

“I saw you working on something very important.” She giggled.

“Yes, and it’s none of your business.” I started gritting my teeth. “Let me drop some heavyweight knowledge on you. I don’t know what it’s like back in Monte Carlo, but over here you can’t be nosy about something like this.”

“Ayesha, is that supposed to be a diary? Do you have…how do you say it in English? A crush?” Maryse grinned.

I pointed my finger towards one of the exit doors. “Nope. I suggest you either do something more important than talking to me here in this library or get out.”

She stuck her head up and just walked away. 

What an arrogant debutante airhead…


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