Hollandus Landing Chapter 111: Ayesha Durand part VI

Why did all these distractions have to come my way of all things?

If I actually found proof about supernatural phenomena, then I’d say it would be some kind of omen or bad karma.

I went straight for my theory notes about the King Valor Effect. I logged whatever I could remember for my little theory and I used the concept of oil for starters.

People have gone crazy over that substance for nearly two centuries and how the business aspect drives people to do horrible things to get it. I never stated that it was bad since I drove an old sedan. I confess that I was part of the problem in that regard.

I put in various events with how some economies have become predatory to others while also analyzing the profit margins of some of these businesses. That was only crumbs in my theoretical pie.

Another catalyst was needed.

Somebody had to be the Edmunston to someone’s King Valor…


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